Strictly Come Dancing: It Takes Two is back with a bang, on BBC Two, from tonight, at 6.30pm.

Good old Rylan and Janette are back adorned in sequins and swishy dresses galore and ready to talk through the moves, the goss and the outfits from opening weekend. We can barely contain ourselves! This is the show that keeps us going all week before the next dances.

Are you tuning in, too?

Must DO

Get savvy online.

Nearly half (45%) of over 65s admit they don’t feel completely comfortable going online.

News that we could be missing out on savings of up to £1000 by just exploring online more, have piqued our interest. By not being computer savvy, consumer champion Gloria Hunniford has discovered we’re missing out on vital £££ savings.

Teaming up with Vodafone UK Foundation and national charity Independent Age UK, Gloria is supporting the launch of Hi Digital, a programme designed to help over 65s develop their digital skills. Think saving money, and feeling more connected. If you’re already reading this though, it’s a great sign you’re heading in the right direction.

Over 65s who are not fully at ease using the internet could be forking out an extra £97 on clothes, £158 on entertainment services, £184 on travel and missing out on £156 of state entitlements – adding up to a potential loss of £909 per person each year.

Credit: Photo by Ken McKay/ITV/Shutterstock

Gloria Hunniford, TV broadcaster, said, “At long last, I’m relatively comfortable online – but I absolutely understand older people’s concerns. There are so many benefits to taking the plunge – from making financial savings, which are so vital at the moment, to keeping in touch with loved ones and feeling less isolated. I’m delighted that Vodafone UK Foundation has created this learning programme, especially to help build up older people’s digital confidence. I urge everyone to take a look – maybe you could use it to help a friend, neighbour or an older person in your community.”

Hi Digital is free and available to everyone. Find Hi Digital at

Must EAT

Bread – and sourdough while you’re at it!

#SourdoughSeptember  is back! Celebrating genuine sourdough bread and the people who make it.

Sourdough For All

As part of the Campaign’s Real Bread For All initiative, small, independent bakeries are being encouraged to trial affordability schemes that help to help bridge the gap between their sharply increasing costs of making genuine sourdough and what people in their community, hit by the cost-of-living crisis, can afford.

A scheme might be funded by a pay-it-forward system that invites customers who can afford an extra 50p-£1 to add it when they make a purchase, or even pay the whole price of an extra loaf. The bakery can then issue a number of discount vouchers to allow any customer to knock off pounds when buying a loaf of genuine sourdough in September.

Say no to sourfaux!

Rather than a look, taste, style or trend, sourdough is a process. Genuine sourdough bread is leavened using only a live sourdough starter culture. There’s also a growing body of evidence that there might be health benefits from this long fermentation process.

A product named or marketed using the word sourdough, but manufactured by a fundamentally different process using baker’s yeast, chemical raising agents, additives or a combination of these, is what the Campaign calls ‘sourfaux’.