We paired up with price comparison site PriceRunner, to help you get the best deals and make the most savings in the Boxing Day and January sales.

If you are hoping to find the best deals in post-Christmas sales, this is essential reading to make sure you’re getting the most for your money.

The UK’s leading independent price and product comparison site, PriceRunner, has predicted the best buys and most fruitful deals with an in-depth analysis on almost 4,000 products, looking back at prices on Boxing Day 2019 and January 2nd 2020.

Comparing prices on everything from fridge freezers to toys, video games, speakers and more, results showed that the best deals differ widely between Boxing Day and in the January sales. With savings from just a few pounds to over £200 on certain items — it pays to be a savvy sales shopper.

With savings deals on big name brands including LEGO, Dyson and Google, Consumer Expert at PriceRunner, Christine Gouldthorp, shares some professional insight.

“Sales are a brilliant time to make some real savings on top quality brands and products.

“Just because categories as a whole don’t have a big average saving, there can very often be saving gems on specific items, so it can really pay off to spend some time finding these if you are planning to stock up on birthday presents and future gifts.

“The findings also highlight that certain categories, such as Nintendo Switch games, can have both the cheapest and most expensive products in each sale. This proves why it is so important to compare prices before you buy, as popular product categories will fluctuate a lot in price.

“To avoid falling into a sales trap and make sure you are actually getting the best price possible, it’s important to compare prices and check the history of products before you hit the shops.”

This is your savings summary for 2021.

Categories more expensive in January sales than Boxing Day sales

  • Cooktops – On average 24% more expensive
  • Nintendo Switch games – On average 19% more expensive
  • Xbox One games – On average 18% more expensive
  • Toys – On average 18% more expensive
  • Digital cameras – On average 17% more expensive
  • Fragrances – On average 16% more expensive
  • Headphones & gaming headsets – 14% more expensive

More expensive in January sales than Boxing Day sales

  • Fridge freezers – 14% more expensive
  • LEGO – 24% cheaper
  • Vacuum cleaners – 14% cheaper
  • Dyson V8 Absolute – 22% cheaper
  • Dyson V11 Absolute – 17% cheaper
  • Bosch BBH65KITGB – 13% cheaper
  • Home security, surveillance cameras – 21% cheaper
  • Ring Floodlight Camera- 25% cheaper
  • Ring Spotlight Camera Wired – 23% cheaper