Research has shown that women are more likely than men to catch the cold or flu and experience the symptoms for longer, so these health-hacks will help you battle against the winter colds.

As the weather changes, we’re more likely to get colds and catch the flu. The colder temperatures can wear down our immune system, including a lack of Vitamin D, which helps power the body’s immune system.

Drink more liquids

When you’re feeling snotty, it can be hard to face eating or drinking when everything tastes like… well, cardboard. But it’s important to stay hydrated to counteract the drying effects of cold medicines and indoor heating. That’s not to say you go overboard with the water — drink your daily recommended amount of around 2 litres and you’ll feel better in no time.

Take Vitamin C

Eat it or drink it, but Vitamin C has been found to reduce the symptoms of a cold, making it less severe. An extra benefit is Vitamin C is an antioxidant and it is necessary to produce collagen in the skin. So get rid of your cold and get gorgeous skin with this tip. We recommend taking Berocca with orange juice — double the vitamins, double the benefits!


Honey, honey how it kills me uh huh — kill the cold that is. The syrup is described as a ‘double threat’ treatment, helping soothe any coughs. It also coats the throat, almost like nature’s own cough syrup. Add it to a green tea or hot water and lemon and let it do its job.

Chicken Soup

This soup is famed for its soothing and healing properties — it even has a book named after it! It combines cough remedies such as warm water, salt, fluids and herbs to help kick-start the healing process. But chicken soup may also have cold remedies of its own — specifically lowering the signs of infection. Plus, it always tastes great and lovely when you’re sick.

Avoid Dairy Milk

For generations many have believed that dairy milk can increase phlegm production, making us stuffier and colds staying around for longer, but this is actually a myth. However, with that being said, milk can make phlegm thicker and more irritating to your throat which can cause symptoms to feel worse. To be on the safe side, swap out diary milk when you’re ill for oat or almond milk. We recommend a barista style oat milk like Oatly — this means it won’t split apart in your daily cuppa. Thanks us later.

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