Move over HIIT — because there’s a new exercise regime worth trying. Ideal for those looking for fat loss and improved bone health, many fans see results quickly.

  1. Improves strength

Fitness, wellness and nutrition expert Penny Weston says, “HIRT is High Intensity Resistance Training, so it’s essentially resistance training for fat loss. It’s a bit like a slower version of HIIT and is easier on the joints. It focuses on exercises done using resistance, to strengthen and build lean muscle. It’s a timed workout and includes high volumes of weightlifting, but using lighter weights so that you can do more reps.”

  1. Gentle on joints

Compared to other forms of cardio (running, hiking, burpees etc), resistance training is gentler on your joints and ensures your workouts stay effective while being low-impact. Penny points out, “It’s not high impact or explosive, so HIRT is gentler on joints, making it an ideal option for people recovering from injuries or those who struggle with joint pain flare-ups.”

  1. Strengthens muscles and bones

Resistance training leads to an increase in muscle definition as it stimulates hypertrophy, the process of muscle cell growth. By combining higher reps with lighter weights, you can also improve endurance. Penny says, “I think that HIRT is an ideal form of exercise for women aged 50+ for so many reasons; it’s gentle on the joints but also helps to improve bone density and protect against osteoporosis, too.” Invaluable for women in perimenopause and beyond.

  1. You can do it at home

HIRT doesn’t need a gym membership — you can do it from the comfort of your own home. Before starting, be sure to write out each move so you can plan your workout. Aim for three or more ten-minute sets, as a HIRT workout should be 30 to 45 minutes, with eight to 15 reps per exercise for maximum effort and a rest of a minute between each set. It’s OK to start with lighter weights. Try quick squats, bicep curls and press-ups as part of your routine. Resistance bands can be useful, too.