Looking to up your health and wellness in a few easy steps? Look no further with these hacks for better health.

  1. Embrace PUFA

PUFA (otherwise known as polysaturated fatty acids) can protect you against cardiovascular disease through reducing inflammation. Simply add sunflower seeds, walnuts and salmon to your diet to reap the benefits.

  1. Add walnuts

On walnuts, how we underestimate thee. Rich in antioxidants (higher than any other nuts, too!), omega 3, fibre and minerals, walnuts are the things to add into your lunchtime salads. What’s more, they can help promote good gut health.

  1. Macro-dose your greens

Not getting enough leafy greens in your diet? A quick, easy hacks for better health is to add a half bag of spinach into a flying pan with oil (we’re partial to a bit of garlic and Italian seasoning, too), wilt down and add to your dish. Simple, effective, delicious.

  1. Rethink what is fruit or veg

90g olives, 110g salsa, 110g tomato sauce, a glass of vegetable juice (hello celery juice) and a handful of raisins all count as a portion of fruit or vegetables in your diet. We don’t know about you, but the idea of olives counting is an antipasti joy.

  1. Get lean

Fish lovers, this one is for you. White fish is the swap to make if you’re looking to get leaner and up your protein (it has more protein than chicken, you know). Salmon, for example, has contains more vitamin B-12, which is associated with nerve health and the formation of red blood cells, helping prevent anemia while nourishing brain health.