With record high temperatures, here are a few ways to cool down during the heatwave — no air-conditioning needed.

We all love the sun, there’s no doubt about it. When the clouds break and suddenly its blue skies it can feel, even for a moment, like everything is going to be okay. What’s more, vitamin D plays an important role in regulating moods and warding off depression.

But sometimes it can be a little bit too hot. Which is why Platinum has a few quick and easy ways to help you cool down this heatwave.

Take your socks off

The human body uses extremities like your feet and hands your hands and feet, to regulate your core temperature. When it’s hot outside, your body will use your hands and feet to get rid of excess heat, to stop itself from ‘overheating’. But this can mean your feet will get hot fast and even start to swell. Taking off your shoes and socks is one route to sheer (albeit temporary) cooled down bliss.

Avoid caffeine

We know, we know — some mornings don’t start until you’ve had a cup of tea or coffee. But your morning cuppa can raise your body temperature, making you even warmer. Try drinking water or even make your own delicious elderflower cordial.

Freeze a hot water bottle

Here’s another way to cool down, with a focus on your feet. Fill a hot water bottle with lukewarm water and freeze it, before placing on your feet. Why? Well, your feet and ankles are particularly sensitive to heat, as they have lots of pulse points. By popping something cool against them, you will initiate a cool-down effect over your whole body.

Open the windows after sundown

Opening the windows later in the evening will help to cool the air in your home ready for the next day, as the air gets colder later on. The next day, try not to open your windows during the day, as it could let all the cool air out (and the hot air back in).

Focus on your pulse points

Get strategic with your ice packs and press them against the pulse points. Your pulse points can be found on your wrist, chest, temples or neck. They’re the areas of your body that release the most heat from the body. But aiming cool packs at these specific spots, you can cool down faster. Just be sure to limit exposure to 20 minutes at a time. You can create the same feeling by running your wrists under cold water.

Drink water

It’s a given, but it’s always a good reminder. You should be drinking around six to eight glasses of water a day typically. If you start to feel thirsty, that’s your body signalling you’re dehydrated so continually sip water throughout the day. Sparkle up your water with a squeeze of lemon for a refreshing zing.