Menopause Advice: Real People Share Their Menopause Wellness Tips

As part of 2021’s Self-Care Week, Healthily, has provided a platform for women to exchange their menopause wellness tips and share concerns.

The Healthily app ‘My Menopause Story’ encourages the public to discuss menopause and share the self-care tips that have worked for them.

The community of women, not only share tips and advice, but also provide a valuable support network for each other.

Self-Care Tips by Real People

A person on the platform, who started experiencing symptoms at 40, shared that she felt irritable and low with painful breasts.

Another contributor advised. “For your mind, occupy time with reading, meditation, yoga, exercise, walking, peace and quiet. For your body, exercise daily  and for your soul, find the space to be more spiritual, which gives you hope, a positive mindset and motivation”

Stressing the importance of mental wellbeing, another anonymous user, whose symptoms began at age 42, said. “Be kind to yourself. It’s a long and rough ride, so please seek out your support networks. Educate yourself on the issues and most of all be kind to yourself. It is such a huge change to yourself and your body.”

A message echoed by another user, whose symptoms began aged 38, said. “Rest as much as you can, it’s normal to be up and down emotionally. You just need to be kind to yourself and put yourself first for once. And don’t suffer in silence but seek help.”

Many of the tips submitted stresses the importance of seeking help and not suffering in silence.

One user that began experiencing symptoms at 48 and reported joint pain, facial flushing and night sweats said. “Talk to friends, they are probably going through the same thing. Exercise and eat well.”

If you’d like to see more wellness tips by real people or share your own self-care advice, you can do so on the My Menopause Story platform, here.

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