Natural solutions, proven by science for peri-menopause and menopause

Did you know that if you are over 35 then you could be peri-menopausal?  

You may be having irregular periods, feeling out of balance with your body and experiencing a range of symptoms that are flying under your radar, such as brain fog, tiredness, mood changes and weight gain, to name but a few.   

Coping with these symptoms can be daunting, and navigating the variety of treatments available, (both conventional and natural), overwhelming.  

Every woman will also have her own unique set of menopausal symptoms, affected by nutrition, environmental stresses, lifestyle, gut microbiome and hormones, all of which need to be considered.  

That’s why at The Naked Pharmacy, expert pharmacists are here to discuss your health journey. 

The Naked Pharmacy are experts in natural health supplements, proven by science, and can help you select the safe and effective solutions for your individual health needs.  

 Their dedicated team of expert pharmacists are just a phone call away and would love to hear from you, call The Naked Pharmacy today on 01483 685 630.  

Product spotlight

Natural products for the menopause

The two best-selling products from the Naked Pharmacy are  Saffrosun with B12 and Saffrosun with Marine Minerals. 

Aerial shot of Saffrosun product by the Naked Pharmacy.

Saffrosun works naturally to support hormones in the gut.

 Saffrosun works naturally to balance the hormones in the gut and can be taken safely alongside conventional treatments such as HRT.  

High cortisol levels are common and are a key indicator for women on their menopausal journey. Maintaining healthy cortisol levels will improve sleep, reduce brain fog, and help balance mood. 

Have you considered your gut health?

You are what you digest, absorb, and expel. Gut health is fundamental in hormone balance.  

Gut Love is a new probiotic and prebiotic combination containing 19 billion colony forming units (CFU’s), 21 probiotics and organic prebiotics to repopulate the gut with the widest range of scientifically proven healthy bacteria.  

Bottle of Gut Love supplements by The Naked Pharmacy

Improve your digestion, reduce bloating, soothe gut irritation and support your immune system with Gut Love.

A healthy gut means that the whole gut wall and the microbiome is working at its optimum level to digest and absorb nutrients, regulate your hormones and reduce inflammation throughout the body.  Often if this delicate balance has been disrupted you may be experiencing symptoms such as skin rashes, food allergies, IBS, inflammation and mood swings.  

Gut Love can improve your digestion, reduce bloating, soothe gut irritation and support your immune system.  

 Top tips

Mind – Look after you, with small health steps taken every day

Walk, meditate, journalise your experience, dance around your kitchen or even scream into a pillow! Just do something that gives you chance to breathe, release bottled emotions and even better – smile! 

Body – Move

We’re not suggesting you run a marathon, just try to incorporate small and consistent daily movements that you’re likely to stick to! 

Stretch whilst the kettle is boiling, use a stand up desk at work or watch TV on the floor to encourage you to change your position.  

Spirit – Focus your day 

Have a daily purpose, however small; give someone a compliment, eat lunch away from your desk or promise yourself 20 minutes of Vitamin D! 

Sleep – Good quality sleep

Remove any technology from the bedroom, try blackout eye masks (they’re life changing, and silk ones are also good for your skin) and if hot flushes are upsetting your sleep pattern, stick to natural fibres! A natural source of magnesium can also help with restless legs and promotes better sleep.

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