Worried about not seeing loved ones during this uncertain time? Platinum shares the best methods to video chatting.

With a mix of sites and in-app abilities, there’s something for everyone to video chatting if they have internet. In times of uncertainty, it’s best to stay in touch with the ones you love. And sometimes, seeing their faces than calling on the phone can make all the difference – and all you need is an internet connection.


You may have seen Zoom as the new way to conference call, but it’s also a great way to video chat for the whole family with an ability to do a ‘gallery view’ to see everyone. To start, sign up to Zoom and create an account. Then, you can set up meetings by emailing those you wish to see. Or, for ease, you can all create an account on Zoom and install it onto your desktop. After an initial call, you’ll simply receive a pop-up when someone wants to call you. It’s as easy as that! For more, visit zoom.us


This only applies to those who own an Apple product, like an iPhone or an iPad, but if you do it’s the easiest way to video chat. Simply sign in to your Apple product and click on Facetime, a green app located on your screen. For those on an iPad, you’ll need their Apple email (email you use to sign in your Apple ID for the Apple store, etc.) For those Facetiming from phone to phone, simply located a loved one’s contact and you’ll see the option for Facetime. For more info, see here.


Skype is similar to Zoom, however the extra bonus is that you can call mobiles or landlines with their subscription package. This can be great for overseas calls, as you can make more calls for less money. Simply visit Skype’s website to begin your set up ­­–– there are even options to create ‘meetings’ without downloading the Skype app. What’s more, there is a chat option if you’re interested in keeping the conversation going. For more info, see here.

 Facebook Messenger

For those who have a Facebook account, this may be the easiest option to video chatting –– however, please note this can only be done from one Facebook account to another. To start, go to the Facebook Messenger app and tap the person you wish to chat to. By going onto their icon/m=name, you’ll be given a chat and in the top right hand will be a video button. Click that and voila! You begin your call.

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