The Strictly Come Dancing Judge, Anton du Beke, is also a novelist and singer. Here he shares the books that shaped him.

“I have always loved reading as there is just such an enchanting escapism to it. I travel quite a lot for work and I am such a fan of audiobooks, especially when I’m in the car going from one venue to another. Using them means I can still ‘read’ while doing other things — and I get through a lot more books that way. They can also be the perfect way to relax and switch off for a while, too.”

The book that makes me laugh

Right Ho, Jeeves by PG Wodehouse

“The Jeeves novels are rightly considered classics. I suppose the character of Jeeves is a little like Agatha Christie’s Poirot, but he’s so funny and there are some huge comic moments in these books. I love PG Wodehouse’s sharp wit and his style of writing too. Such brilliant characters that have me laughing throughout.”

PG Woodhouse

Right Ho, Jeeves by PG Woodhouse

The book that I always go back to

Killing Floor, by Lee Child

“Technically this is not just one book, but I always return to the Jack Recher novels. I find them compelling and the narrative is just so gripping. I listened to them all again recently in audio. Pure escapism for me.”

Lee Child

The Killing Floor by Lee Child

The book that changed my life

The Art Of Making Dances, by Doris Humphrey

“This book had a massive impact on my life, specifically the chapter on rhythm. The book, which presents modern dance as theatre, looks at the craft of dance. It has so many brilliant details – details of the design and dynamics of dance routines that can really transform the way you see the art form.”

The art

The Art Of Making Dances by Doris Humphrey

Anton du Beke is a judge in this year’s Strictly Come Dancing. Catch the show on BBC 1 on Saturday and Sunday nights.