The actress has launched her very podcast and we think it will be practically perfect in every way.

As lockdown rumbles on, many of us are learning the means of life within our homes. This has seen a rise in podcast listens, TV watching, learning new skills and DIY tricks. And now, Dame Julie Andrews is jumping on the podcast train.

Having written over 30 children’s books with her daughter Emma Walton Hamilton, the podcast offers subscribers the opportunity to hear the same stories in her trademark melodic voice, as they sleep.

Julie Andrews said, “As a child, I read anything and everything I could get my hands on. There was no greater joy for me than to curl up with a good read. Books transported me away from the World War II Blitz and into the realm of my imagination and other worlds and ideas.

“When I became a parent, I passed the love of reading on to my children.

“At this extraordinary time, with families confined to their homes and in need of creative content and learning support, we have accelerated the show’s launch in order to bring it to audiences as soon as possible.”

She continues, saying,“My daughter and I have co-authored over 30 books for children and young adults, and our shared passion for the power of storytelling, literacy, and the arts remains fervent.

“It is our hope that the stories and ideas we share on Julie’s Library will provide family listening pleasure, inspire meaningful conversations, and be a trusted resource for literary enjoyment and learning.”

And whilst the podcast may be aimed at children, studies have shown hearing a bedtime story can in aid a good night’s sleep. From lying in a darkened room allowing the sleep hormone, melatonin, to begin its work. Or allowing your thoughts to wander as a precursor to dreams, it all helps with sleep.

From 29 April, six episodes will be available with new instalments added weekly