While Christmas may not to be the same this year, here are the best ways to have your first digital Christmas.

With only four in 10 Brits planning on celebrating Christmas with immediate family, I light of ongoing Government restrictions, a digital Christmas is likely to be on the cards for many of us.

Christine Gouldthorp, Consumer Expert at PriceRunner said, “Whether you are celebrating with friends from afar, hosting a virtual Christmas dinner with relatives through computer screens, or on FaceTime with grandparents on phones, it will be more important than ever to have home technology that works well and allows us to connect without interruptions.

“Although not the Christmas many of us are hoping for, with the right equipment, you can still feel connected to loved ones, making them feel part of celebrations and bringing the magic of the season to life, through the power of digital technology. Bringing joy and happiness to the ones we love is what Christmas is all about, so although they may not be physically sitting next to you at the table, they can be virtually.”

To help guide you through the jungle of home tech, Price Runner has rounded up their top tech picks to host a seamless virtual Christmas:


Computer monitor — seeing our relatives properly makes all the difference. If you want to upgrade your screen and get the full Christmas experience, Price Runner recommend the #3 screen in our latest review, the Dell P2421D. They say it’s a good value 23.8-inch screen with stylish design, thin edges and side frames giving you a lot of screen for your money, with a well-balanced colour perception that makes colours more natural than other screens.

Webcam — One of the top 10 search increases during lockdown, as Brits working from home grappled to get set up for quality video meetings by Teams and Zoom, webcams help to capture crystal clear and colourful video that records in true HD-quality. Easy to connect to many devices including desktop, laptop or tablets. Plus, a lot of models come with a built-in microphone to improve sound quality too.


Bluetooth speakers — for a more authentic celebration, make sure you can hear your loved ones properly, as computer sound isn’t always clear and natural enough. Price Runner’s choice is the winner in this test, the Sony SRS XB30. It has great sound quality, many different functions and an extremely long battery life, allowing for long calls with loved ones.

Microphone — Your Christmas dinner table might be buzzing with noise, conversation and the clatter of plates and cutlery, so the addition of an external microphone can help virtual guests to clearly hear you and ensure conversation flows.

A microphone will help improve the quality of video calls and give you an audio boost. Many models are freestanding, with a table stand, so you can simply pop them into the centre of the proceedings. To help enhance sound quality on video calls via phones, there are a number of microphones specifically for mobiles which can help to reduce background noises.


Mesh router — Internet quality varies hugely around the UK with local and regional differences. To make sure your call doesn’t disconnect, freeze or stop completely, you can use a mesh router system to strengthen your current connection and extend it to other parts of your home.

Price Runner recommends the winner in their recent ‘Best Mesh Routers of 2020’. Fast and stable with dedicated channels, the Netgear Orbi RBK50 will give you a good range and a fast connection, despite the standard kit only consisting of two units.