A new survey has revealed that one in three women say poor quality of sleep is the symptom of the menopause that most affects their day-to-day life – proving to be more disruptive than hot flushes, lack of energy thinning hair and even weight gain. 

In fact, sleep disturbances are costing menopausal women an average of five hours sleep every night and, for almost half of women, cause negative mood swings, a lack of concentration and an inability to recall details. 

The impact menopause has on sleep and the knock-on effect that has on women’s work and home lives is significantly underrated.

The research, commissioned by the UK’s leading homewares retailer Dunelm as part of its MenopauZzz campaign, surveyed women aged 45+ and led the brand to increase its commitment to those affected by menopause and perimenopause – both internally and externally. 

Recognising menopause as a societal issue that impacts many of its colleagues and customers, Dunelm has launched an internal menopause policy to benefit and support colleagues as well as a customer-focused initiative to provide them with sleep-related menopause advice. 

The menopause campaign is backed by TV and radio presenter, Lisa Snowdon, a vocal advocate for the need for wider support for women going through both perimenopause and menopause: “I’m really pleased to support the campaign as the impact menopause has on sleep and the knock-on effect that has on women’s work and home lives is significantly underrated. Menopause can be an extremely challenging and difficult time and feeling exhausted is one of the most debilitating side effects. That’s why I’m working with Dunelm and the team at Henpicked to highlight these issues and make menopause part of the everyday conversation”.  

Amanda Cox, Chief People Officer and Stores Director at Dunelm said: “We appreciate menopause can be incredibly debilitating, with poor sleep a key side effect – that’s why we are offering specialist support to both customers and colleagues at this life milestone.  

“Our MenopauZzz campaign provides workshops, educational resources and effective product recommendations and coincides with the launch of our new internal Menopause focus which includes menopause buddy training, a new menopause policy and manager guidance to make sure Dunelm is a place where everyone feels that they belong.” 

Women aged 45-64, are those most widely affected by menopause, with the average age for a woman to go through menopause 51. Almost half of respondents surveyed by Dunelm said they wished there were more safe places to discuss and talk about their symptoms.  Only 26% of UK women say they’re happy with what’s available, outside of visiting their GP. 

Attendees to the Dunelm workshops will also receive a gift voucher to redeem against Dunelm products designed to help with menopause symptoms, including cooling pillows, mattress protectors, duvets and bedding sets. To book on to a session, visit: https://www.dunelm.com/content/lets-talk-about-menopause