The Captain Tom 100 charity challenge encourages the nation to do ‘100 anythings’ — whether 100 push-ups or baking 100 cupcakes — to continue his incredible legacy and spread joy. This special event will take place from Friday April 30th which would have been Captain Sir Tom’s 101st birthday, until Monday May 3rd.

We sought inspiration from others during troubled times, including heart-warming messages of hope from dear Captain Sir Tom Moore. As we enter this next phase, it’s important to continue to support loved ones, spread joy and personally contribute to continuing his legacy.

To support this noble cause, Stannah has introduced its own 100 Little Lifts initiative.

These ten simple ideas help people on this happiness mission. After all, one act — like sharing an uplifting message on Facebook or posting a positive sign in the window — can have the power to make 100 people smile.

Send a thoughtful gift

“I saw this and thought of you,” never fails to touch the person hearing it.

Gifts are not limited to birthdays or Christmas, they’re worth sending simply to celebrate a loved one or make them feel special.

As the old saying goes, “it’s more about the thought that went into it, than the item itself”. This could be a book you read and loved, a jigsaw puzzle to keep them entertained or a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

Bloom&Wild’s fabulous letterbox flowers are a lovely way to bring joy to your friends and family.

Write a letter

There’s something romantic about writing a letter, especially now that text messages and emails are de rigueur for everyday conversations.

If you’re looking to go the extra mile to make someone smile, send a handwritten note or postcard.

‘Tis the season for picnics and barbeques

As the weather warms up, the rolling countryside and beautiful beaches beckon. Al fresco feasting is a must.

Organise an outdoors activity with your friends or family (at a safe distance of course). You’ll enjoy planning and prepping, and it will lift your loved ones’ mood knowing there’s a special event to look forward to.

A post-picnic stroll in the fresh air surrounded by nature will send your endorphins surging, too.

Go green — pass on seedlings and plant flowers for your community

We know that gardening grew in popularity over lockdown. As we enter our second spring at home, you may consider yourself ‘seed savvy’ or maybe you’re seeking a new pastime now that you’ve mastered baking the perfect banana bread.

2021 interior trends

Picture credit Mud Urban Flowers

If you’re currently growing produce or plants and find yourself with excess seedlings, gift them to a green-fingered friend. Alternatively, sow them in your community garden for local residents to enjoy.

Once your home-grown goodies have ripened, share with loved ones — they’re sure to welcome fresh, flavourful fruit and veggies to their meals. Why not craft a stunning hanging basket full of their favourite flowers?

Post a motivational message in your window or online

An uplifting message with an eye-catching image — “tomorrow will be a good day,” inspired by Captain Sir Tom Moore, for example — will likely attract attention from neighbours and passers-by.

If one person in the virtual world stops in their scrolling tracks and smiles, or 100 passers-by note your window sign with a cheery nod, that’s a wonderful accomplishment — minimal effort for maximum reward.

Hide heart-warming notes around your home

A meaningful message goes a long way — everyone likes to know that they are being thought of.

Write a joke on a post-it note, stick inside the wardrobe door to make your partner smile in the morning or serve up alphabet spaghetti for a mini loved one at dinner time.

Greet and smile at others

It’s funny, the power that a smile from a stranger can make an otherwise dull day a little brighter.

Studies show that when we see a smiling face, our brains release feel-good hormones that make us feel happier and calmer.

Kindness needn’t be exclusive to your inner circle. Thank your postman for their hard work through the pandemic — we’re living through a challenging time and you never know the struggles someone else is experiencing.

Share a song

Music evokes joy and like scent, comes hand-in-hand with memories and emotions — a holiday, a party or dancing around the family kitchen.

Music played a poignant role in Captain Sir Tom’s incredible impact on the nation. His record-breaking rendition of ‘We’ll Meet Again’ offered hope when it was needed most.

What’s your valued version? Who will it strike a chord with? If you’re seeking inspiration, entertainment aficionado, Richard Allinson, shares his favourite musical moments, including pioneering performances from legends Elvis Presley and The Beatles.

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