Comedian Jo Brand talks to Angela Scanlon on her podcast, Thanks A Million.

In today’s episode, Angela Scanlon is joined by comedian Jo Brand on her podcast. Jo talks about the mental state of not being pretty but not disliking the way she looks and how she loves the rain so she can disguise herself and not get noticed by fans. As well as how women are better than men and jokingly killing her husband to satisfy the fans that complain to her about her husband jokes.

On body image, Jo explains, “I think the thing is, it’s a very weird thing that if you’re absolutely gorgeous, then you don’t really get any sense of how it feels to be desperate.

“Obviously, I’m not saying that happens all the time, but I also think if you’re kind of like me, I don’t dislike the way that I look. But I know that I’m not pretty.

“I know that I’m not what men go for because I’m not thin and I don’t have, like, long flowing locks and lovely eyelashes and all that b******s.”

She continued, “And so, you know, it’s very hard for really attractive women to understand the mental state of not so attractive women and the other way round.

“So I would say as a teenager, I got quite a lot of knock backs, but also kind of like horrible ones, not them really meaning to be horrible, but just them being so dismissive.

“And when you’re really keen on someone to be dismissed as a teenage girl, it’s pretty hard work, emotionally.”

The comedian goes on to explain why she thinks women are better than men. She says, “I would say a very big thank you to women because I think women are great and, you know, in so many different ways, I watch quite a lot of news.

“I watch the 24 hour BBC News channel and they have these shows on late at night and there is a trailer for them. And at the end of this trailer, that was kind of a young Asian woman who was quite tearful. And she says something about coming to the realisation that women will always come second to men and then she starts crying.

“And I don’t know why. It just really affected me. And I mean, I would just like to say that I think women are better than men. I always have. I think women are less complaining. They work much harder. They’re not as up themselves.

“So, you know, I just think women have so many kind of unsung, heroic things about them to recommend them. And so I just want to say thanks to them all for actually on the whole, comparatively speaking, being pretty uncomplaining. And I would imagine that during Covid the people that have taken the brunt of all this s*** yet have actually been mainly women and good on them for getting on with it.”

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