Monday Motivation! In 2013, Cor Hutton was left fighting for her life after contracting sepsis. The damage from the infection resulted in multiple amputations.

Forced to come to terms with a new normal, Cor’s family suggested she help other people in similar circumstances by setting up a charity.

Finding Your Feet was set up in 2014 and seeks to offer positivity and support to amputees through their clubs around Scotland. The charity has a dedicated counsellor and an online support forum which offers 24/7 support for amputees around the UK. The clubs promote a range of sporting activities such as climbing and swimming as well as regular coffee catch ups, ‘Ampu-teas’.

Monday motivation

Monday Motivation: Cor Hutton from Finding Your Feet charity with her son. Image: Ken McKay/ITV/Rex Features/Shutterstock

Cor dedicates her life to the charity and offering support to amputees. She is a motivational speaker and works closely with the NHS.

She said. “Helping others through Finding Your Feet massively helped me – my physical strength and my mental health too. It’s hard to feel sorry for yourself when you’re concentrating on other cheering up other Amputees. That’s why we encourage volunteering and sharing your knowledge.

“Keeping active works too. I’m too busy to think and when you have to put the smile on, it’s hard to feel down.

“I believe that we’ve all got the strength inside to deal with life’s hurdles. We just need to dig deep to find it. The alternative is to just give up on life, so no choice really.”

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