A fashion editor of 40 years and now business owner, Gail champions the celebration of ageless style. She is also one of our Platinum’s brilliant experts, giving style advice from an insider’s point of view.

We love — Gail’s business, Preloved Perfection, sells gorgeous garments both old and new. On her site, she shares her reasons for launching it.


“I first thought of starting Preloved Perfection a few years ago, when I realised that I simply owned too many wonderful items of clothing and far too many pairs of designer shoes — all collected over my long career as a fashion editor. 

“The truth is, they may be beautiful, but they no longer worked for me. It was time to let go and allow someone else to enjoy them. And if my wardrobe was oversubscribed, so were those of many, many other women. 

“I quickly realised that to be truly original, I had to find a modern, fresh, and hopefully unique approach to the online purchase of pre-owned clothes, handbags, shoes, jewellery and accessories. I wanted to sell exquisite items, alongside fashion blogs, so this was a totally immersive stylish approach. 

“I want to honour the magic of the fashion industry and play a part in making this planet a more sustainable place to live. By recycling our previously much-loved clothes we are all part of the rich circle of life.”


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