A writer and podcaster presenter, most of Helen’s projects cover family life and how she navigates having children in her 50s.

We love — Covering everything from fashion to menopause, we love her honest approach to subjects that matter to you. 


Helen tells us how she stays passionate and motivated every day.

What do you think is the key to success?

Taking each day as it comes! Especially during the pandemic when life can feel frustrating and overwhelming. 

I get up every day and set myself one goal every day. I think a lot of our stress comes from having a big to do list. It just serves as a reminder of all the things I’ve failed to achieve. So I decide on one big important thing for the day and focus only on that, instead. Then anything else I manage to complete feels like a massive win! 

What do you love about this stage of your life?

Honestly not caring anymore what people think of me. 

It’s been a massive revelation over the last few years. Working online as I do, I frequently see some very harsh opinions aired, and I haven’t gone unscathed by some of them. But having access to so many voices has also taught me that they’re not all right. Everyone has their opinion and I listen to them all, but I’ve learned that I don’t have to change myself because of them.

The other part is not worrying about what to wear. Instead of trying to make the latest cool Instagram dress work for me, I pick out things that make me feel happy on the hanger. Because I know once I’m wearing them I’ll feel good. 

I’ve embraced colour as I’ve aged and I know that I stand out sometimes. But that’s fine with me! I’ve been stopped so many times by people admiring my yellow coat, so if others think I look like a lollipop lady (and that has been said to me) I really don’t care. Besides, our local lollipop lady is lovely. 

What motivates you?

You can only influence the things that are within your control. 

I often find myself full of anxiety over the news or the things my children do as they get older. But teenagers are going to experiment — it’s how they learn to become good adults — and I can’t prevent others from breaking Covid-19 rules. It’s an important mantra for life at any age, I think. 


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