As a style guru and lifestyle influencer, Mia proves that style is timeless and grey hair is no less than fabulous.

We love — Mia’s mission to create an authentic silver space for the next generation. After all, representation matters.

Mia tells us how she stays passionate and motivated every day.

What do you think is the key to success?

Passion and tenacity. Those two combined are the winning formula! 

For me, success isn’t always about material wealth. For example, I’ve always been drawn to jobs that make a difference and have a purpose. My passion for that purpose has been my driving force and has led me to be successful at making a positive impact within my community, which is the end game — it’s my objective.

What do you love about this stage of your life?

The empowerment of finally having the headspace to take a look at myself and address my needs. Working out and understanding who I am; making decisions based on my own wellbeing.

I’ve definitely experienced a growth spurt with regards to self-development in the last five years, and that makes me very excited about the future. 

When I was younger I would have never imagined that being at the age I am now, I would still be evolving and pushing myself to experience things I’ve never done before. I think maybe we get a heightened appreciation for life once we hit 50… And perhaps that’s due to an awareness of having less years ahead of us than we have behind us. Whatever the reason — it feels good!

What motivates you?

Gratitude. I’ve had a tough old life (one day I’ll write that book), but gratitude has always been a comfort to me. One can always find something to be grateful for — whatever your circumstances.

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Featured photo by Leanne Dixon, @leannejadephotography⁠ on Instagram.