As former editor of Selfridges magazine, Nikki is now a multi award-winning blogger. “Losing her style mojo” seven years ago, she decided to document her journey back to confidence.

She has a following of over 45,000 people on her website and over 25,000 on Instagram, thanks to championing ageless chic. Follow her for joyful posts about life and style.

We love — Nikki’s colourful “outfits of the day”, and her endearing stories about home life in the gorgeous Lake District.

On her website Nikki tells us how she stays passionate and motivated when the days get tough.

“I started blogging because I was emerging from the years of having small children, a business to run and looking after my parents who had cancer. At the time, I felt like I’d been living in a vacuum and realised I hadn’t really looked in the mirror for about a decade.

“I had no idea what to wear I was still wearing the clothes that I had when I was editor of Selfridges magazine on Oxford Street and they really weren’t translating well to my new life on the edge of the Lake District. But I didn’t want to dress in Gore-Tex every day.⁠…

“So I began my blog as a kind of personal magazine.

“Now, I say let’s stop feeling shocked and affronted by the world around us and instead have the humility to accept that however evolved we’ve become, we’re still animals. 

“I see it this way — we have two options; one is to keep going round in circles feeling fed up, the other is to take life for what it is and make the best we possibly can of it.”

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