Living with a rosacea skin condition has made Therese skincare and beauty obsessed.

We love — Therese also champions the grey hair movement and her passion, drive and trail-blazing nature make her inspirational. Follow this influencer for self-care tips and motivational advice.

Therese tells us how she stays passionate and motivated every day.

What do you think is the key to success?

Perseverance. Never give up and always know your worth. I don’t believe there is a “perfect” anything and your way is just as good as someone else’s. If you are determined and believe in yourself, you can make anything happen no matter what age you are.

What do you love about this stage of your life?

Experience, hands down. If I had the knowledge that I have now when I was in my 20’s, I would have been unstoppable. Also my confidence is so strong, as I know I am just as good as the next person and I will always stand my ground and speak up for what I believe in. 

What motivates you?

This is it — this is your life. I never want to think “what if?” That absolutely frightens me and I’d rather put myself out there, embarrass myself if I have to and take that chance, than spend my life wondering.

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