Tricia launched her age-positive beauty brand Look Fabulous Forever in 2013 at aged 65.

We love — Tricia’s approach to make-up and the way she uses her expertise to create quality products that actually work.

Tricia tells us how she stays passionate and motivated every day.

What do you think is the key to success?

Never giving up! People are rarely immediately successful at anything; they have normally worked very hard to achieve their success. 

My mantra is also, “It’s never too late” because I have done many things at a later stage in my life than most. For instance I had my first “proper” job at 38 and was 65 when I launched Look Fabulous Forever with little experience of the beauty industry beyond a love of makeup.

What do you love most about this stage of your life?

In so many ways, the last seven years since launching LFF have been the best of my life. I finally feel “bien dans sa peau” (happy in my own skin) as the French would say.  

I am more philosophical about everything that happens and am able to relax and enjoy my life without being anxious about every little thing. I genuinely feel as though I am having a kind of personal renaissance, and certainly have no plans to retire.

What motivates you?

Being able to choose what I am doing and only doing those things because I really enjoy them. 

I am also motivated by building something that is about more than just make-up (important though that is!). Look Fabulous Forever has given me a platform from which I can call out and challenge ageist assumptions about older women, which is extremely important to me.

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