We absolutely love Joan’s cheerful posts from in and out of the gym, showing that a woman can be just as fabulous when power lifting as she is when sipping a cocktail in the sunshine.

A Women’s Best athlete, follow her for wellbeing advice and healthy doses of motivation to get out there and finally reach your fitness goals.


In her most recent posts, Joan shares how she stays motivated and happy every day.

“Focus on what you can control — your attitude and your effort. Don’t waste much time on the things you can’t control, especially if they drive you crazy.

“My advice: stay enthusiastic about life! You’ve only got one life so never take any of it for granted. If you’re weak, get excited about getting strong and if you’re tight, get excited about stretching (that’s me, tight as a drum!). Whatever it is you are chasing after, do it with your full heart, body and soul.”


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