Looking for reading inspiration? We share some of the books we’ve been loving recently to add to your book list.

We’re always looking to discover the next must-read book to add to our collection. At Platinum HQ, we share a love for reading and couldn’t resist the opportunity to wax lyrical about some of our latest reads. Get Good Reads at the ready.


Young Mungo by Douglas Stuart

Adrianne Webster, Features Editor said, “Following similar themes to the ones discussed in his previous novel, Shuggie Bain – overbearing mothers, alcoholism, coming-of-age and sexuality – this was a heartwrenching and emotional read that I inhaled in a couple of sittings. A vivid portrayal of working class Glasgow in the ’90s that’ll have you rooting for central character Mungo (named after Glasgow’s patron saint), it’s a story that will stick with you for a long time. A must read!”

Fault Lines by Emily Itami

Laura Mincher, Design Editor said, “I really loved reading this book by Emily Itami because it showcased such a raw, real side of love and modern day marriage – the expectations of women and societal pressures.”

The Crane Wife by C J Hauser

Louise Ramsay, Feature Writer said, “When I went on holiday recently, I made it my mission to get through my TBR (To Be Read) pile. Needless to say I didn’t manage it, but the book that really stayed with me was The Crane Wife. It’s a memoir of essays and follows C J Hauser’s journey through life’s heartbreaks. The essay of the books namesake charts her decision to call off her wedding and embark on an ornithological field trip, after being cheated on throughout the course of her relationship. But this isn’t the heartbreak you focus on – it’s the vulnerable way she describes attempting to maintain a ‘low maintenance’ persona and how by doing so, she’s accepting such little love it feels more like a lack. It’s probing and cathartic, sharp and brilliant in the way you’ll love. I could write pages on why I loved this book.”