Rachel is a silver-haired curve model, body confidence activist and the host of the Out of the Bubble podcast.

We love — Rachel’s interviews. Uplifting and motivational, they are filled with inspiring anecdotes from women whose lives are better because of the changes they made in mid-life.


Rachel tells us how she stays passionate and motivated every day.

What do you think is the key to success?

People want to connect with other people who are being their authentic and true selves. 

Perseverance and passion. I love modelling and my podcast and I think that shows through the content I share. 

Having the self-belief to own what you’re doing and not get side-tracked by anyone else. Taking the time to make real connections with people. I’ve met and made so many friends through social media.

What do you love about this stage of your life?

The freedom to stop worrying about what others think, and that there’s still so much I can do. 

My youngest daughter has just started university and I really do feel a new sense of freedom which is exciting.

Finding body confidence later in life has been life changing. How I felt about my body used to be a real barrier in my life and I stopped myself from doing so many things because of it so now it feels liberating. I turned 50 last year and I really do feel like I’m just getting started.

What motivates you?

Say yes and worry about it later. I wasted so many years when I was younger not doing things because I was too scared so now I say yes and go with the flow.


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