Don’t let travel sickness interrupt your long-awaited and well-deserved holiday this summer! Here’s how.

Pre-planning a holiday wardrobe packed full of light cottons and floaty midi dresses. Stepping off an airplane into a welcoming wall of heat. Relaxing through lazy nights at the hotel restaurant.

There is lots to look forward to if you’re planning your first getaway abroad in a few years.

Then there’s just the small matter of getting there first.

Whether it’s delays, broken down trains, lost luggage, travel sickness or just the pressure of trying to make a connecting flight, travelling has potential pitfalls and roadblocks almost at every turn.

The benefits of travelling again – finally!

Travelling essentials

Unfortunately, for many of us anxiety about travelling has increased since the start of the pandemic. Research from November of 2020 revealed that 69% of Brits were experiencing a degree of travel anxiety, compared to only 44% before the outbreak of coronavirus.

Despite all these fears, travelling is worth it as there are so many benefits to seeing new places and experiencing new things. Who said it was all about the journey and not the destination?!

Back in late 2020, the same research revealed what people were missing about holidays:

  • the weather (62.5% of Brits) – getting vitamin D from the sunshine is beneficial for our body, and it is said to maintain strong bones
  • exploring new places (61.5%) – expands our minds
  • downtime from the day-to-day and a chance to relax (54.1%) – we all need a bit of R&R to rejuvenate the mind and the body
  • making memories (53.3%) – this has a huge impact on wellbeing, instantly and in the long-term
  • quality time with family and friends (46.6%) – socialising and enjoying the company of loved ones boosts our mood

All these benefits that come with getting away help cancel out the negatives of travelling.

After all, when you look back on a holiday, the trials and tribulations of the journey tend to fade in comparison with all the amazing memories.

Especially now that we can once again travel with a bit more ease.

So, what helps travel sickness?

Whether you have a short or long journey ahead, travel sickness can make a trip all the more difficult – and it’s something people have suffered from for centuries.

If you are one of the two-in-three people (65%), don’t worry because over the years others have passed on plenty of tips to help manage or ease travel sickness. Here are some self-care ideas that might help you, too.

Get prepared: 6 travel sickness tips

  1. In a car, sit comfortably and try to sit with your head tilted back (this can help stabilise the balancing mechanism in the ear).
  2. Try to sit in the middle of a boat or plane, if possible, as you should feel less movement in these areas.
  3. Avoid heavy, greasy meals before you set off.
  4. If flying, book a seat in the middle of the plane as this is where you’ll experience the least movement.
  5. It’s easier said than done but if you can close your eyes and nod off, it could help. Try to relax and wear comfortable clothes, download a soothing podcast to listen to and pack a travel blanket. Sometimes distracting yourself can curb the feeling of travel sickness.
  6. Just in case you do experience travel sickness, pack some essentials to help you freshen up when you are on the go, like wipes, tissues and hand sanitiser, and some mints or boiled sweets.

Does travel sickness affect you on journeys? Help put your mind at rest and find out more about managing travel sickness with Kwells.

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