With international travel having come to a virtual standstill during the pandemic, domestic camping trips have exploded in popularity.

Glamping in particular is experiencing a boom, and while the British climate is not always favourable for camping holidays, glamping allows holidaymakers to enjoy their natural surroundings without having to compromise on comfort.

But will glamping remain just as popular after Covid-19 pandemic? Have a read through these prime glamping locations in Canada — they are sure to convince you of glamping’s permanent appeal.

Ridgeback Lodge – New Brunswick, Canada

An absolute must for a glamping holiday is sleeping in a dome. The Stargazer Domes of Ridgeback Lodge grant you a beautiful view of the stars from the comfort of your bed (hence the name).

If you prefer a view of the Canadian wilderness, you can choose the Dream Domes, which even have a wooden whirlpool.

Clayoquot Wilderness Resort – Tofino, British Columbia

The price (starting at $5,000) is an indication of the kind of accommodation Clayoquot has to offer. At this eco-resort on Vancouver Island, you can take in the breath-taking beauty of the Canadian wilderness while enjoying five-star cuisine, a world-class spa and Wi-Fi; these tents are more equipped than the average hotel room!

In addition to the luxury, this resort is also committed to sustainability, providing seasonal and sustainable meals. The entire experience begins on the spectacular route to the resort, which can only be reached by seaplane.

During the 45-minute flight, you can gaze at secluded beaches, dense forest landscapes, impressive mountain ranges and streams of British Columbia. Once on site, it’s time to go in search of wild bears and whales; a truly unforgettable experience.

Free Spirit Spheres – Horne Lake, Vancouver Island Canada

On the same island, you can choose to let your inner child run free in yet another eco-resort: the tree houses of Free Spirit Spheres. Here you can spend the night in wooden spheres, suspended from towering trees in a mystical forest.

This spectacular construction may be a little less luxurious than in the Clayoquot resort – there is no built-in bathroom, for example – but it is an extremely unique experience with a high-tech sound system, bathhouse and sauna to help you relax.

Visit the underground caves; hire a kayak to enjoy the beauty of the coast, or drive an hour north and walk through Cathedral Grove – a forest of 800-year-old giant Douglas Fir trees.

Image: Free Spirit Spheres

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