For some of us, we’re living apart from our other halves. But these date night ideas will help add spice to your virtual relationship.

Among many things during the coronavirus pandemic, we’ve had to be creative as our ‘new normal’ has dawned. Staying at home and practising social distancing has all been part of our national effort, and for good reason. But the small moments of life, the occasions of joy, have slowed, if not stopped.

In an effort to inject some more happiness, we’ve create some date night ideas for those facing long-distance lockdown love. Try them out and let us know how you get on! #TogetherWeCan get through this.

Order each other dinner

Are your local restaurants still delivering takeaways? If so, why not mix things up and order a meal for each other for your date night. You could order take away each, but there’s something more fun and intimate in someone choosing your meal. It means you can see how well you know each other too!

Answer 36 questions

Based on a study by psychologist Arthur Aron (and others), the 36 questions are broken up into three sets and slowly but surely, get more personal. They were designed to test whether intimacy between two strangers can be accelerated when you ask personal questions. It’s been a big Internet trend and you can find the app here.

Try an online escape room

You heard us — online escape rooms are a thing. What’s more, they’re a great way to feel closer to your partner from a distance — unless you start a competition of who is right.

Come together and work out the clues to escape from the room of your choice — with themes ranging from Grimms’ fairytales to Harry Potter, there’s no shortage of fun challenges to take on.

Play online games

Let your competitive streak run wild by playing online games alongside your partner. The best bit? You can now play most games you’d play in real life online, including famous card games like Cards Against Humanity and Monopoly.

Start a two-person book club

Choose a book that you’ll both enjoy and read it at the same time. Then pick a date to finish it by, and schedule a virtual book club discussion (cheese and wine optional, but highly encouraged). Enter thought-provoking conversation and real-time bonding. Now the decision — what book to read first?