Keeping our hair tamed and chic without putting in too much effort can often seem like a Herculean task. But with these styling creams, lotions and accessories, you’ll have a chic ‘do in no time at all.


Hair clips, £12,50, M&S

Easily (and stylishly) pull short fringes or stray hairs aside and secure them in place for as long as you need. Add a spritz of hairspray for extra staying power. We particularly love these clips from M&S that add a hint of festive glitz.


The Bar Vegan Shampoo, £15, Lore Originals

Complete cleansing, exfoliation and nourishment for both hair and body in one easy bar. Plus, it’s vegan-friendly! Simply run under running water to wet the bar, lather between your hands and use wherever needed. Make sure to fully dry it with a towel between uses, though, as shampoo bars have a tendency to break apart when wet.


Tropic Skincare Hair Cleanser and Scalp Massager, £23,

This hair cleanser breaks down build-up, cleanses the scalp and roots, but doesn’t strip moisture – just what we like to hear! The PH-balanced formula is packed full of nutrients and is suitable for any hair type, from afro to coarse. Apply to the massager tool and get right in to your scalp.


Jagged Day Circle Hairclip, £19.99, Kela Hair Jewellery

Lovely for a daytime loose up-do or even for a dramatic evening look, this clip adds a glamorous final touch to any style.


Conditioner, £22, Guava & Gold

Brimming with coconut, avocado and manuka oils as well as shea butter, this nourishing conditioner gives soft, beautifully smooth hair full of volume and bursting with fragrance.

How often do you think about your scalp health? Like many of us, it’s probably not often enough. Here’s why you should pay more attention to it…