With Halloween out of the way, we’re officially on the countdown to the festive period, and we can start getting into the spirit as the 2021 John Lewis Christmas advert was released today. And it comes in peace…

Without spoiling too much, the ad centres around an ‘unexpected guest’ who touches down in their spaceship and befriends a local boy. Tears all around.

We also can’t get enough of the cover of a certain ’80s classic… We won’t spoil it further – go ahead and watch the link below to find out for yourself.

It has all the markers of a classic Christmas tearjerker… Cute (if slightly alien) children? Check! Mince pies? Check! Soft focus Christmas lights and a family around the dinner table? Check! We eat this recipe up every time.

The reason this year’s ad is pulling heartstrings is its core message – that beyond language and culture, we can find connection with others. We truly will ‘always be together’ because together is all we have.

Plus, I mean, who can turn down friendship when it’s offered up with a mince pie?

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