The Aldi Wine Club is recruiting and it’s never been a better time to get into wine.

Do you love wine and want to become a tester? Then join the club! Aldi is on the lookout for budding wine connoisseurs to take part in its popular Aldi Wine Club. With 30 lucky members of the public in with the chance of trying out three bottles from Aldi’s award-winning (and delicious) wines over a six-week period.

How do you apply? Simply follow the Aldi Twitter account and send an email to with your name, Twitter account, proof of age and 150 words explaining why you should be selected to be part of the Aldi Wine Club.

The catch? In return, Aldi simply asks the chosen wine experts to leave an honest review using the dedicated hashtag #AldiWineClub. And if free wine isn’t enough, the new tasters will also receive expert tips and a selection of tasting notes to guide them on how to assess the flavours, aroma and body of the wine. We could get on board with that.

Entries are open until Monday 11th May, 2020. To enter now and for full terms and conditions visit Aldi’s website.

And if you’re looking to be in the vino-know how, you can try Aldi’s free online wine course and earn your Aldipolma — taking out the snobbery of traditional wine tasting with press-free e-learning modules. After all, we’re all being told to learn more during lockdown, so why not make it wine?

For more, visit the site here and start your next chapter as a wine connoisseur. You’ll never make a pour decision again! And it will be a hit at parties when normality resumes.

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