We all need some relaxing TLC at the moment, so why not try a simple bath? Here are four ways to really make the most out of your soak.

In times of stress or anxiety, sometimes a bath is the only remedy. A time to take away from the bustling world, realign your sense of self and sooth your aching muscles. Right now, it’s even more important we keep in check with ourselves, as well as each other. Whilst it may be tempting to stay busy, extra stress can put pressure on our bodies and minds. From stiff muscles, neck cramp, inability to relax and more, now is the time to take some me-time.

Here are the four ways to make the most out of a bath — with tips to make it rival a DIY spa experience. Courtesy of Lorna Veale, founder of No Secrets Beauty.

  1. The first thing to do when having a bath is to make sure it is ‘clean’ from any toxic cleaning products that you may have used. The first thing to do is to rinse your bath with hot water to make sure there is no residue of these products around that could impact on your home spa treatment. Then, it’s time to find your favourite bath oil and start your bathing experience.
  2. Give yourself 20 minutes in the bath and a little time to relax and gather yourself afterwards. Your water should be between 36-38 degrees, and the room should be 25-30 degrees ideally. To help you float away, try breathing in through the nose for five seconds and out through the mouth for five seconds, increasing to ten seconds for each, and continuing for two minutes. Finally, try to complete your ritual slowly, perhaps using the softest towel to pat yourself dry.
  3. Soak by candlelight! Choose a soy wax candle infused with essential oils. Dimming the lights and lighting a candle will also help with the relaxation process. Add in some soothing music and you’ll be feeling like you’re on cloud nine.
  4. The temptation to catch up on your Netflix shows can be great, but try to avoid it. Instead, try taking a book or magazine into the bathroom with you. It’s a great way to relax and escape for a while. Whilst we can’t travel, a good book can really transport us. And if you happen to accompany the reading with a glass of wine, well why not?

Looking to relax further? Incorporate bath salts into your bathing routine. Aim for bath salts that contain magnesium sulphate, a mineral which is essential to the body. It can help ease muscle pain or joints after a workout.