It’s that time of year where you can’t help but comment, “Well, that’s summer officially over for another year!”. And with the weather changing, our style will, too.

But wrapping up doesn’t mean having to look weighed down and ‘frumpy’. These colourful picks are bright and cosy, allowing for warmth and style in abundance.

Coat, £348, Brogger

This checked coat is a great all-rounder, working as a statement item that can add texture and pattern to an otherwise pared-down outfit, and dressy enough to work for evenings, too.

Jumper, £79, Arket

A knitted jumper is a must-have piece for any autumn wardrobe, but this one stands out for its fresh, tone, adding a flush of pink to brighten your look. Pair with faux leather leggings for a nice contrast.

Bag, £27.50, M&S

This mint bag is just the right size for everyday. Simply pop in your make-up, purse, keys, perfume and favourite read and you’re good to go.

Scarf, £39, Phase Eight

This satin scarf adds pattern and warmth to your outfit. Wear around your neck, as a belt or tie on to the handle of your handbag for extra style points.

Skirt, £49.99, TK Maxx

The perfect autumn hue, this skirt is bang-on trend.

Chinos, £75, Hush

A lovely shade of green, these trousers pair well with tan boots.

Boots, £35, F&F

This tan shade perfectly reflects the lovely tones of autumn leaves, while brightening up your outfit from the toes up.

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