The award-winning artist has created a clothing, accessories and homeware line featuring her energising and uplifting exotic jungle scenes. Here, Daphne tells us more about the inspiration behind her lush artworks and luxury collections.

I have always been in love with art and design and was creative from an early age. I come from a family of artists and designers: my mother is an interior decorator, my three sisters are all artists, and my daughter, Chiara Stephenson, is a successful and well-known theatre set designer. I chose this career path because I find it fascinating to see something beautiful unfold when I paint a picture or design something new.

I love great design concepts, whether it’s an ornate vintage object, an exotic interior, a well-cut piece of clothing, a fabulous sports car, or an incredible engineering feat. I marvel at the engineering and design concepts of the 18th and 19th centuries, like the Iron Bridge in Telford, the Royal Albert Hall, or even the first Maserati models.

It has always been my dream to transform my paintings and designs into fashion merchandise, and I finally launched my very first collection in November 2023, featuring clothing and accessories, along with prints and cushions for the home.

Daphne Stephenson art and scarf

My favourite piece from the collection has to be the silk kaftans – particularly the ‘Leopard in Moonlight’ design. Made from double silk twill and pale aqua blue in color, it’s beautiful to wear in the evenings for drinks or dinner parties. There are six different luxury silk kaftan designs, and they are all handmade to order.

Most of my designs are inspired by my extensive travels abroad through India, Africa, and the Caribbean islands. I lived in Karachi when I was a child and had some incredible holidays in Kashmir on houseboats. I was either surrounded by exotic trees and flowers or mesmerising jungle scenes. I love the shape of banana leaves and palm trees. I also adore leopards and tigers – their shape, design, and majestic ways – so they also feature often.

Above, L — R: ‘You Have Been Up To No Good Again’ Tote Bag, £70, Matching Twill Silk Long Scarf, £175 / ‘Moonlight Walk In Paradise’ Dressing Gown, £175, and Pantaloons, £150 / ‘Blue Jungle River’ Large Square Twill Silk Scarf, £185

I have a thing about the color teal; it is so unusual. Maybe I’m so seduced by it because it’s the true density of color that you find in the jungle in its various shades.

My largest collection of paintings is owned by the original Lehman Brothers family, hanging in Lyford Cay, The Bahamas. I have also done work for royal families, both UK and abroad, and my work is exhibited around the world, including at the Masterworks Museum in Bermuda.

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Words: Lily Smith. Images: The Style Photographer.

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