Pastels and pared-back tones are making a comeback in 2020. We’ve pulled together some beautiful pieces to spark inspiration and add life to your spring kitchen.

  1. Walls, ceilings & countertops in your spring kitchen

Even the merest amount of pastel pinks, blues and greens on your walls can add delicate luminosity to a room. The lighter pigments catch natural light easily, but instead of reflecting harsh rays into a room — like stark whites might — they absorb and balance the brightness, creating a delightfully warm glow. Try these paints and countertop colour mixes to open up even the tiniest of spring kitchens.

  1. Lights & lamps

If you want to create intimacy in a large open-plan kitchen, use brighter light in your cooking area and contrast with muted golden light in dining areas. We have a selection of hanging lights for above your dining table and lamps for you kitchen corners — a stylish blend of pieces that not only enhance a tranquil atmosphere, but work as stylish ornaments in your new pastel-themed haven.

  1. For the table

Table sets are just as much a part of your kitchen as the oven, fridge and dining table are. Tying your decorative pieces in with their surroundings will create harmony and make your kitchen look refined.

  1. Comfort is key

A comfy kitchen is a happy kitchen. Make a statement with these fabulous velvet breakfast bar stools and patterned pillows.

  1. By the window

Decorate your window with plants, candles and hanging baskets to cleanse the air and create a tranquil aesthetic. The strong greens from plant leaves and bright colours in flower petals can contrast nicely with muted tones, giving your kitchen a hint of boldness that will complete your look in an understated way.

  1. Essentials

Kitchen utensils don’t need to be black, grey and boring. Play with the pastel palettes in your space by adding splashes of colour. Our personal favourites are the baby blue kettle and toaster set by Cuisinart, below.

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