The festive season is approaching fast – so how will you decorate your home this year?

When you put up your Christmas decorations is quite a personal choice. Some swear by the 12 days before rule, others pop theirs up as soon as Halloween is out of the way. Some people like to stick with tradition and use the same decorations they’ve used for decades, others like to change the theme very year. But whatever camp you fall into, there’s no denying that getting your home ready for the festive season should be fun and not stressful.

So, if you are looking to change up your look this year – let us give you some Christmas Decoration inspiration.

Vintage Elegance:

With a colour palette of copper, rich red and forest green, dressing your home in the classic Christmas staples has never looked more stylish and inviting. Remember to add a sprinkle of sparkle and a gleam of gold to the look.

Christmas Decoration Inspiration


Tip: If you like the idea of this trend but don’t want to swap out all of your usual gold decorations, take some Christmas decoration inspiration and just add in some accents here and there. Some deep red bunting, a green cushion and classic baubles, like the rocking horse below, will give a nod to the vintage look without having to replace everything you already have.

Christmas Decoration Inspiration

Candle Holder, £34, AUDENZA

Christmas Decoration Inspiration

Christmas Bunting, £8.99, Ginger Ray

Embroidered cushion , £14, Walton & Co

Christmas Decoration Inspiration

Hanging decoration, £2.99, Dobbies

Christmas Decoration Inspiration

Paper mini Christmas tree, £14, Rose & Grey

Rocking horse decoration, £2.50, Matalan

Frosty Glitz and Glamour:

We’re dreaming of a white and truly luxurious Christmas. Glistening golds and sparkling silvers are an enchanting addition to a room. Team with a touch of French or Navy blue to evoke scenes of divine winter nights and snowy mountain tops.

Tip: Just like with the vintage look, you may already have lots of silver decorations and can just add glitzy touches to nail this look. Also, if snowy Alpen lodge is your vibe, look out for the little frosty extras to elevate your Christmas decoration game.

Chandelier decorations, 3-pack,£10, Marks & Spencer

Christmas Decoration Inspiration

Clip on tree, 6-pack £6.99, Dobbies

Snowflakes, 2-pack, £6.99, H&M

Velvet decoration, £2.99, The Range

Christmas Decoration Inspiration

Light up boxes, £39.99, Very