These steps will help you discover your true personal style — with tips on how to try new things and understand who you are, right down to your favourite silhouette.

  1. Create a moodboard

Want to know an Editor’s trick to starting your personal style journey? Create a moodboard. This is where Pinterest becomes your new best friend, filled to the brim with incredible inspiration. Or save your favourite outfits on Instagram to review later and take inspiration from.

Focus on what you like the look of for you, versus a nice image. It takes a bit of time to extract your personal taste from seeing aesthetically pleasing photos, but take patience and give it a go. Make a note of what makes the outfit speak to you. It will help you narrow in on your own taste and show areas to explore.

2. Find the colours you love (and go bold!)

Colour is an area you might not explore — but that’s about to change. Don’t just focus on what colours ‘flatter’ you, explore the colours you love and which bring you joy. If it makes you feel confident and happy, then you should wear it. Style, before anything else, is all in confidence.

3. Recognise the silhouettes you wear and love

What silhouettes make you feel your best? This is a key component to building your personal style. Do you love wide leg trousers or belted jackets? Midi slouch dresses or ruffle blouses? Whatever it may be, stick to those pieces. If you’re unsure go through your wardrobe and pull out pieces you already love. What do they have in common shape-wise? Those will be your silhouettes.

4. Invest in pieces you’ll wear forever

Once you know what styled pieces you like, be conscious when you’re next out shopping. Whilst following seasonal trends can be fun, be mindful if its trends you enjoy versus ones you feel the need to follow. A great handbag may not be on trend, but it could be a classic piece that lasts beyond the seasons. A good coat, fantastic shoes and a timeless handbag are the areas you can invest in the most.

5. Create a uniform for those days

Sometimes, there are days where deciding what to wear is the last thing on your mind. But you still want to feel put together — enter, the uniform. Find five items you like to wear. They must be comfortable yet stylish, give you confidence and joy when you pull them on. Try jeans, a blazer, blouse and loafers. Or maybe your favourite dress, boots and a great jacket.

6. Then audit your wardrobe

If it doesn’t spark joy, we don’t want it. Comb through your wardrobe now you have your personal style in mind. If you come across items that don’t fit in, discard them as charity donations. Of course, we all keep some items for sentimental reasons, so don’t be too harsh with yourself. But be conscious with what you’re keeping — is it for the right reason? If you’re holding onto something with tags, because you can’t bear to part with something you haven’t worn, then ask yourself. Haven’t you already ‘wasted’ the money by not wearing the item? Alternatively, you can always sell clothes on sites like Depop to make the money back.