According to Dobbies in-house design and gardening expert Marcus Eyles, 2021 will be filled with jungle-inspired décor, using plants to bring life to your home and outdoor spaces.

Many thoughts will now be focussing on the brighter days ahead, with spring on the horizon promising warmer, lighter and longer days. Whether you’ve recently discovered the positive benefits of gardening or are already an accomplished grower, keep your green fingers on the pulse of the blooming garden trends for 2021.

This is Marcus’s 2021 style roundup for Dobbies.

“There are a number of gardening trends that will continue to grow as we enter 2021, including a focus on sustainability — planting styles that will help encourage pollinators and wildlife to help gardeners become greener.

“To encourage pollinators, plant simple single flowers from Dobbies, rather than blousy doubles, as this will give them the chance to access the nectar.”

“Dedicating an area of the garden to wildflowers, even if a small square metre, can have a big impact. Just think of the cumulative effect if even a small portion of those with outdoor space planted wildflowers.

“Many of us have had the time to give more attention to our gardens and make the most of any outdoor space. With many more ‘new gardeners’ discovering the joys and benefits that gardening can bring, container planting for compact spaces is a top 2021 trend; offering an alternative way to grow produce and brighten up spaces with flowers, foliage and colourful pots.”

“Growing edible plants in the garden combines two passions — gardening, and cooking. From fruit and vegetables to herb gardens, the discovery that you don’t need a huge space and that lots can be grown in a container, means this is a trend that will last.

“Jungle style gardens are on the rise, with our love of big leaves and lush foliage showing no signs of slowing down. Going tropical, think banana plants, cannas, citrus and dense planting with pops of bright colour. Whether it is a few statement plants, or a garden filled with exotic greenery, you will be transported to an outdoor oasis.

“Other planting styles we predict here at Dobbies are those that help create a sanctuary of calm, with foliage plants in pots such as ferns, grasses and bamboo.”

“Inside the house, statement pieces add a pop of colour to neutral spaces and it’s no different outdoors. Cool shades, warm shades or pretty pinks are themes for pots for summer 2021.”

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