It’s time for all beauty PRs and skincare company owners to enter products into Platinum’s first-ever skincare awards!

It’s with great excitement we announce our first-ever beauty awards! And we need your help to make them the best they can be.

Our panel of judges is diverse, deeply experienced and incredibly enthusiastic — and have between them over 600,000 followers on social, to add to the authority and reach of the Platinum brand.

We want to include and reward as many products from as many categories as we can — from must-have gadgets, daily staples, cult products and new innovators and disruptors.

Our award winners will receive our praise and will have the opportunity to license our endorsement, with the power to drive purchases in-store & online!

There’s unlimited free entry, closing on 19th April 2024, so be sure to get your products submitted by then to be in with a chance of winning.

Winners will be announced to the public in the October issue of our magazine on 24th August 2024.

But why enter our awards?

With a brand reach of 180,000, Platinum is one of the most important brands for the active, adventurous 50+ female audience.

Compared to the national average, our audience spends more on their fashion, more on their homes and more on travel. But most importantly, they spend significantly more on beauty too, including 2.6X more on cosmetics and 1.7X more on skincare, compared to the average UK woman.

They also have twice the average household income (£60k) and are the main shopper in almost all of their households (86%).

Our audience is dynamic, enthusiastic, influential and social, and our editorial guides them on fashion and beauty, food and drink, home, health, careers, finances and more.

To enter, you will be required to upload an image of each product and send three samples.

Submit your entries via our form here, and good luck!