Perfect your festive beauty look this season and put your best face forward with our top make-up tricks and tips. 

It’s been a challenging year for many and whether you are planning a quiet Christmas at home, or having a long overdue catch up with the family, we think adding a touch of sparkle to our lives is long overdue! And where best to start? Well our festive beauty look of course!

Shimmery make-up can be a little daunting, especially if you aren’t overly confident when it comes to applying make-up but with a little practice we promise you’ll have your festive beauty look nailed in time for the big day. And the rewards are worth it – applied correctly it can make your eyes sparkle and your skin appear more luminescent.

Luckily Platinum’s beauty guru, Dottie Monaghan, is on hand to give us her top tips and tricks. Starting with the all important brows.

Dottie says, “When we’re talking glamour, more is not always best. Less make-up, well applied, will look far better than being overly made up. Wear the make-up, don’t let the make-up wear you would be my main advice.

“Brows set the tone and definition for the face. There is no need to be heavy-handed, but always draw them to their maximum length, as well as filling in any sparse areas.

Backstage Eye Palette, £39.99, Dior Beauty Eyeshadow palette

Backstage Eye Palette, £39.99,
Dior Beauty

“A well-chosen tone of eyeshadow, just a shade or two deeper than your skin tone, placed at the outer corner of your eyelid and blended upwards, fading into the crease, will combat any appearance of hooded eyelid. For a more subtle glamorous look, this palette offers a primer, matte and shimmery finish shades.” (Backstage Eye Palette, £39.99. Dior Beauty).

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