Are you planning on doing a big spring clean this year? Keeping a cleaning calendar could minimise the number of tasks you need to do, reducing them to bite-sized chunks throughout the year instead. Follow these tips to set up your calendar for a clean year ahead.

Do you have a cleaning calendar? This year, you should start one and here’s why.

Spring is a time for fresh starts and an even fresher home. Whether it’s tackling the growing pile of laundry, sorting out the kitchen cupboards or hoovering behind the sofa.

In a 2021 study, Dr. Beckmann polled 2000 of its customers to discover what methods they use to help de-stress and relax, with cleaning, meditation, exercise, reading a book and being intimate with a partner being the most popular.

More than a quarter of participants said cleaning their homes is their go-to method to relieve stress. Not only that, but the manufacturer of the UK’s number one Carpet Stain Remover also discovered that 9 out of 10 Brits claim having an untidy or dirty home has a bearing on their mood, while a quarter say having an unkempt home can be detrimental to their productivity.

Due to these findings, cleaning and laundry expert, Dr. Beckmann has created a month-by-month cleaning calendar to help the nation maintain a spotless home all year round.

Dr. Beckmann spokesperson, Susan Fermor said, “Getting your homes straight can be a mammoth task, so following the 12 month cleaning calendar will help people plan and organise their cleaning schedule month by month, ensuring your humble abode stays spick and span all year round.”

Here’s what you should do, month-by-month for 2024.

March — springtime spruce

With the warmer months on the horizon and the feeling of spring in the air, deep cleaning the home is the perfect way to reinforce a sense of positivity. Make sure to clean the top of kitchen cupboards, wardrobes, and bathroom cabinets to remove any hidden dust, then open the windows and let fresh air flow freely through the home. Or go one step forward and light your favourite scented candle — we’re partial to the Seychelles range at The White Company.

April — neglected areas

Use April as an opportunity to visit neglected areas such as lampshades, blinds, curtains, shelves, frames, bannisters and skirting boards. Some areas such as blinds and curtains are particularly important as dust mites can form, and research has shown they can pose health risks as bacteria and mould can attach and build.

May — windows

With brighter mornings and lighter evenings, May is a great time to tackle the windows, as sunlight will show up even the tiniest of smudges on the glass. Save money and time by not leaving the glass left unwiped, the longer it’s left the harder it’ll be to clean.

June — invisible areas

As the summer draws in, June is the time to rearrange the furniture to update your home ready for the potential hosting of barbeques. Target invisible areas such as space under the bed, sofas, wardrobes and cabinets. Getting behind, under and around will ensure every area of your home is spick and span.

July — tackle the outdoors

Take advantage of long summer nights and the warmer weather and spruce up your outdoor space, tidying the garage, clearing gutters and drains, or adding flowers to the garden can all make a big difference especially if you’re planning to host outdoor socials.

August — Fab-loo-ous toilet treatment

Use August as the month to tackle the toilet with Dr. Beckmann’s Power-Foaming Toilet Cleaner. Watch as the foam fizzes up to a mountain of fresh cleaning fun!

September — detox

Time for an autumn clean, now the mayhem of summer activities is over its time to get your house prepped and ready as winter fast approaches. Do a deep clean of the bathroom and kitchen. Also, if you have a porch area for coats and shoes, make sure this is organised and smelling fresh. Don’t forget to give your garden some TLC before it goes into hibernation until next year.

October — floors

This is the best time for a deep clean of the carpet especially if you have pets, as hair and dirt will often be trodden deeper into the fibres of the carpet. If you’re one to decorate the house for Halloween, starting the clean early ensures that you are organised and feel more in control when the messiness arrives. It is also a good idea to keep Dr. Beckmann’s award-winning Carpet Stain Remover with integrated brush to hand for any scary accidents and spills that may happen on the 31st.

November — storage

Take the time to clear out the attic, basement, or ‘messy’ room if you have one ready for the festive holiday. When it comes to decorate the house for Christmas, starting the process in early November will help you feel organised and in control of your home so you know what decorations you already have and how much space there is for new purchases (and of course presents!).

December — appliances

Before the madness of Christmas hits, remember that as well as cleaning kitchen surfaces, the fridge and freezer need a deep clean, along with the washing machine, dishwasher and oven, ready for hosting duties and tasty treats. Dr. Beckmann recommends you use the Service-it range to ensure your appliances are well maintained and protected from limescale and bacteria build up.

January — declutter and de-stress

New Year, new you — January is the perfect time of year to declutter! It will help provide a new focus and is also good for the mind, happiness, and overall mental well-being. Preparing a checklist and rota for household tasks is a good way of keeping track of everything that needs to be done. There’s something so satisfying about ticking tasks off a list.

February — Bright whites

Kick start February by tackling through that growing pile of laundry. If it’s the whites that need washing, use the nation’s favourite specialist laundry whitener, Dr. Beckmann’s Glowhite or Glowhite ULTRA, to restore the freshness and leave your whites shining bright!

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