When the nights start getting colder and darker, there’s nothing better than lighting a gorgeously-scented autumnal candle that makes your space feel cosy and inviting.

Here are our favourite autumnal scents from Yankee Candle…

Woodland Road Trip, £24.99

A journey through the fall landscape — with enticing scents of jasmine, fir, vetiver, and warm suede notes.

Autumn Sunset, £24.99

The perfect spot to experience the last few moments of a glorious autumn sunset — with notes of cedar, sandalwood, and a hint of sunny citrus aromas.

Farm Fresh Peach, £24.99

Fresh scents of peach, apricot and vanilla notes blend together in this gorgeous peach-coloured candle.

Freshly Tapped Maple, £24.99

This one smells like a stack of pancakes – sweet orange zest scents blend with notes of maple syrup and cinnamon – the perfect way to start your day of exploring the autumn woodland.

How do I make my candle last longer?

The Yankee Candles have a burn time of around 110-150 hours, but there are some easy steps you can take to make sure you get the most out of that time.

Firstly, don’t burn your candle for only a few minutes at a time. The first time you burn it, you should have a pool of wax from rim to rim to ensure an even burn.

Trim your wicks before you light your candle, which will ensure a nice bright flame and will reduce those horrible smoke marks you can sometimes get on the glass of your candle jar.

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