There’s an everlasting allure to having minimalist pieces in your wardrobe. They’re so easy to wear, versatile and make great ‘building block’ items. Well, the new viral TikTok fashion trend is all about ‘vanilla girl’; cosy creams, beiges and minimalist pieces that are comfortable and stylish. An elevated way to wear loungewear, if you will!

And it’s clear this trend is set to stick around, as online personal styling service Stitch Fix UK has reported an increase in womenswear requests for the aesthetic’s closet staples (1st October vs. 1st January):

  • Cosy (+33%)
  • Cream (+20%)
  • Beige (+6%)
  • Minimalist  (+184%)
  • Leggings (+64%)
  • Ugg boots (+122%)*

*Note: Stitch Fix has no affiliation with UGG and does not stock the brand in its inventory.