Meet Platinum’s newest expert, legendary make-up artist Ruby Hammer.

With 35 years in the beauty industry under her belt, Ruby Hammer is well versed in giving out beauty tips. And for her, highlighting what you have, rather than hiding it, is key. She says, “As a make-up artist, I’m best known for emphasising my clients’ features and enhancing their natural beauty rather than covering up and camouflaging.”

And as a milestone birthday approaches, Ruby takes looking after her skin seriously. She says, “This year, I’m celebrating my 60th birthday and I have to say that I don’t feel ‘old’! Ageing is a natural process that we should be grateful for, and I have always made the most of it. When it comes to looking after my skin, my approach is ‘little and often’.

Whilst skincare is vital, Ruby also knows the importance of good make-up products to accentuate your features.

Ruby’s 4 make-up essentials

Masterpiece Max Volumising Mascara in Black, £11.99, Max Factor.

“I wouldn’t be without mascara. Whether you opt for a volumising, lengthening or curling formula, mascara defines your eyes and makes you look awake. I’ve tried so many others over the years, but I always go back to Masterpiece. It’s never crispy, crunchy or flaky. I love it.”

Masterpiece Max Volumising Mascara in Black, £11.99, Max Factor.

Masterpiece Max Volumising Mascara

Radiant Creamy Concealer, £24.50, NARS

“I can do a full make-up base with just two shades of this creamy formulation – and very often do. Applied strategically, I use a lighter shade to soften the shadows and uneven skin tone and the slightly darker shade where I need more coverage.”

Ruby Hammer tips Creamy Concealar, £13, NARS Cosmetics

Radiant Creamy Concealer

Mineralist Gloss Balm, £20, BareMinerals

“A hint of colour makes you look – and feel – like you have made an effort. I’m a fan of BareMinerals’ new hybrid lip balms that not only condition lips but add a slick of sheer glossy colour, too. With 15 colours, it’s easy to pick your perfect shade.”

Beauty tips

Mineralist Gloss Balm

Magnetic Brush Set 02, £28,

“Groomed brows complete your look and frame your face. Fill in any gaps with pencil, pomade or powder then brush outwards and upwards with my spoolie brush. Perfect for shaping and taming.”

Ruby Hammer

Magnetic Brush Set 02