If you’re looking for something totally unique for your home, why not try this home hack?

We love bespoke interior products and we also love upcycling, which is not only purse friendly, but kinder to the planet than buying new. And this home hack, from Dawn at Styling My House combines both.

If you’re looking for something to add to your walls to make them more interesting, but have enough pictures and mirrors, this could be the hack for you! It’s fast and simple and will give your room a unique update. Plus, you can switch it up a few times a year to be seasonal. Fresh cut flowers in spring, some Pampas grass in winter and maybe a few sprigs of holly over the festive season.

What you’ll need:

Old frames
Spray Paint
Two small vases
Gypsophelia (or any flower of choice)
Earrings or brooch

Getting started

Dawn started with two wooden oval frames she found in a thrift store and removed the glass and back. She then used spray paint from Wilko to turn them a gorgeous gold tone.

Home Hack Home Hack Home Hack

Next she took the vases and tied the string around the neck, leaving enough length to then hang them from hooks attached to the cornicing in her bedroom. If you do not have cornicing, you could screw the hook right into the wall.

Dawn then mounted one frame on each side of her bed and hung the vase from the hooks so that they’d sit right in the middle of the frame.

Dawn decided to add a spray of gypsophelia to each and then glued a pair of glitzy earrings to the vase to add some extra embellishment.

Of the home hack, Dawn says, “I like to switch the flowers up from time to time. It was an easy and easy but effective make. Why not give it a try?”