It’s true – we love a lot of things over the course of a week, but these things particularly took our fancy…

Fabulous brow maintenance

Brows can make your entire look – it’s that simple. While your face shape, eye shape, and lifestyle all impact what type of brows will work best for you, one often forgotten factor is your age. “Over time, the muscles on our face slacken, which is why it’s so important to maintain healthy brows over the years, as they resonate with youthfulness,” says Brow Expert, and CEO of Rubis Tweezers, Fides Baldesberger.

So where do you begin on your journey to fabulous brows? Fides reveals the secrets for making your eyebrows big, bold, and beautiful at any age.

In Your 40s…

“Start raising your eyebrow. You want to create a bigger space between the eyebrow and the orbital space, the area around your eye. This will help create a more youthful appearance and open up the face more instead of sagging it downwards.

“Take a leaf out of the books of J-Lo, Elizabeth Hurley, or Laverne Cox and try out some straight and longer styles. This will make your eyes look wider and more awake. Over-plucking will be your downfall, so be sure to keep a neat shape and focus on making your arch as straight as possible.”

Shutterstock / Kathy Hutchins

50 plus…

“Again, you want to create a larger space between your brows, which in turn widens your eyes, and gives the impression of a tighter face. Thinning out your eyebrow slightly at the bottom will allow your brow bone to shine. Choosing a steep arch will also accentuate the face-lift element and give you a classic silver-screen look that’s to die for.

“Our hair also gets lighter as we get older so you may find that your brows are whiter and less dense than they once were. To combat this, many people over-tweeze, over-fill, and make them way too dark. You need to work with your natural brows to get the most organic results possible. Make sure that your shape isn’t too thin, or too tattoo-like. Soft yet angular brows create that face-lift effect without harsh dark lines. As with any age group, making sure your brows match the roots of your scalp will also keep things natural and elegant.

“On top of all of this, your eyebrows are yours. If you want to experiment with colours and shapes, do it for you and with confidence!”


In today’s increasingly urban environment, pollution has become the source of major health-related issues and diseases. It’s even dubbed the biggest health hazard for the first half of this century.

“Over 90% of the world’s population lives in areas of poor air quality with air pollution concentration, exceeding the World Health Organisation limits.”

But we’ve discovered a new product this week. Providing effective broad pollution protection to the skin, Dr. LEVY’s Anti-Pollution 5PF ™, £79,  allows your skin to slowly rebuild its natural protective abilities, decreasing skin ageing, inflammation, and oxidation. Magic! Not only this, but it also uniquely acts as both a physical and chemical screen; starting from its microroughened texture that is proven to prevent pollution particles to attach and penetrate the skin.

Suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive, Pollution Shield 5PF ™ increases skin firmness by 31%, minimises the loss of hydration and plumpness in the skin and significantly decreases general skin inflammation caused by pollution by an impressive 60%. Pollutants in the air cause acne, but with a daily application, a significant reduction of acne bacteria can be seen by 90% along with a 55% decrease in oxidation to the dermis. Yes please!

Repel, block and fight back against 5 of the most harmful forms of modern pollution:

  1. Atmospheric pollution and gases
  2. Microscopic particulate matter
  3. Household chemicals
  4. Infrared rays
  5. “Blue light” from electronic screens

We use this at the end of our skincare ritual and before applying makeup or sunscreen. Give it a go and let us know what you think, too.

*’Please note this product does not contain SPF

Make-up… with heart

There’s nothing better than beauty with soul and SANN is exactly that. Cruelty free, vegan, gluten, phthalate, fragrance and paraben free plus sustainable packaging, this slow beauty brand ticks all our boxes.

They believe there is more to beauty than how we look and partners with CAMFED to allow marginalised girls in sub-Saharan Africa to reach their full potential through education.

SANN means true, real and genuine in Swedish and showcases natural, chic and timeless pieces

We love the Nourish + Care Solid Lip Serum in  Morning Dew (£22.00) It’s a perfect nude, but you can also choose a copper-peach, Sunset, or a deep berry, Wild.

Founder, Yuliya comments,

“I wanted to create a holy grail lip product that really provides a lasting hydration (without needing to be re-applied constantly), which feels and looks amazing and would become a staple in your everyday life. Hope you love it!”