This smudge-proof formula, by our style expert Dottie Monaghan, will have your lipstick last all day.

As masks become more and more part of our daily life, we’re finding new ways to cope with these changes. Looking and feeling good has never been more important — how we express ourselves to the world is linked to our identity and confidence.

Masks are currently mandatory when entering shops and other similar public spaces, across the UK. People who don’t wear one could face a fine of up to £100, apart from people with medical conditions and children under 11 in England.

But wearing one doesn’t mean your make up needs to smudge or run.

The added heat trapped under your mask — combined with the friction of wearing one — could disrupt your base products. Particularly if they are lightweight, cream based (our favourite) or not set properly.

Matte lipstick has been advised by different beauty insiders, but when you have a classic colour it can be hard to stray from it. Lipstick can feel like that final accessory to an outfit or a piece of armour on a difficult day. That’s why our style expert Dottie Monaghan has shared her tips with us.

Expert tips from Dottie:

  1. Use a lip primer — as this creates a flawless even base for lipstick to stick to. Give the NYX Lip Primer a go, as it helps great a fantastic canvas for your lip look.
  2. Wear lip liner with your lipstick each time — as this tends to be dryer than the lipstick, so stops it from sliding. It also helps your lipstick maintain shape throughout the day. A great lip liner for all skin tones is the Nars Precision Lip Liner in Lerins.
  3. Blot your lipstick — this helps prevent shifting of the excess product and will help stop your lipstick from smudging onto your mask.
  4. Powder — this will seal your lipstick. After applying your chosen colour and blotting, take a large brush and dust a little translucent powder over the lips. We love the Laura Mercier Translucent Setting Powder — but a great high street dupe is the Make Up Revolution Loose Baking Powder.

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