We’re launching our very own book club and we’d love you to get involved. As part of our #TogetherWeCan campaign, we’re looking to reunite the nation in more ways than one. And we hope our book club will help you feel more connected.

Every month, Platinum will share our book club pick and we hope you will join us. Now more than ever, we’re looking to find some solace and comfort, however small. The power of a good book can be the perfect form of escapism — and the antidote to get as ever more connected.

And best of all — this book club is digital! So all you need is a glass of your favourite tipple, an internet connection and your comfiest clothes to take part. No driving or dressing up required. Unless you fancy it, of course. Joined by others in the Platinum community, we’ll be sure to have a thought-provoking, hilarious and fun time, all while discussing the latest book with our book club questions.

Our first book is Platinum’s resident book reviewer, author Adele Parks’ own five star pick in our latest issue. The fantastic The Lost Child by Emily Gunnis. Adele writes: “This is such an emotionally charged, compulsive and moving novel.

“Investigating themes of motherhood, loss, betrayal and sacrifice, ultimately the story is about righting past wrongs.”

After witnessing the death of her mother, Rebecca doesn’t speak of the night again — but what else did she see? It isn’t until her own daughter Jessie goes missing with her gravely ill newborn, that her sister Iris realises the past may hold the key. Or will it? We will have to wait and see.

This is your book club — we want to hear about the authors you love, the books you can’t put down and the genres that make you sit up and take note. What makes a good book? We’re hoping you can answer that. Email mail@platinum-mag.co.uk with your thoughts.